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portland -

baby please don't go. bop bop pop bop. baby please don't go. bop pop bop bop pop. baby pleeease don't gooooh. bop bop pop bop pop.......awww this isn't going to work. and besides really cool bands have chick bass players.

Alan -

Upright bass playing ladies? Where are they? I will donate to that club.

Ale Fan -

The guitar & 'Nitro' sounds like the better option.

Alan -

I know this is going to work, Portland. Maybe you just have to dream congas instead of bongos. A-F is right, too, about the axe. I think the Hopping Penguins dream still lives in my heart.

portland -

i see me in a ridiculous frilly shirt playing a conga. i see me touring the country in one those mexican wrestling masks challenging women to pin me. we need to learn from andy kaufman's example; it's a slippery slope. i must resist. must use my powers for good. must resist.

cigar shop -

Now you say a Cuban cigar shop....does the shop sell cigar from cuba or does the cigar shop sell cigars?

Alan -

Interesting semantic point. They do place a heavy point on their Cuban-ness of product, even having a sign for Cuban coffee beans as I recall. That being said, I have never shopped there and do not know if their lines are exclusively Cuban. I shall undertake surveillance and report.

Alan -

Evidence. Nothing beats evidence. The Cuban-osity being claimed is pretty much up-front.<p><img src="images/2004/smokershaven.JPG" hspace="20" vspace="20">