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crisp -

Ahh you'll be the spring chicken among the grannies. And probably the only man among the women(no matter how old the women, situations like these are very rare). Gotta always look at all the positives :)

Alan -

It is unwise to be the only man amongst women. In 1983 honours undergrad romantic poetry I found myself in that position and had to defend all, each remark being analyzed for sexism and, at the end of the day, I had destroyed any chance of dating the hot chicks. Far better to be relatively better than the next idiot than being the absolute example.

crisp -

ha ha good poin alan but you don't have to defend anything except your tea drinking skills :)

Good days :)

Ale Fan -

>Weirdos - bloggers and bloggees (is there such a word ?) are a strange bunch to be sure.

I'm a bit worried about this admission to watching Heartbeat though - You're on a slippery slop there Alan !

Alan -

I was needing your assistance on that one, A-F. I know it is wrong. I know I should not spend the week wondering about Phil Merton and Alf Ventress. The best thing, though, is if you miss a show you can be sure that there was a crime but it was solved...and that the old Sgt. is pissed off at someone. This is a cry for help.