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Robert Paterson -

The sad thing is that if they get him - will this help elect Bush?

Alan -

Nah - look at the polls. I think he is going to get hammered. He has built such a era of fear, even capturing Osama and his mamma won't change the mood in relation to terror and the people are really going to vote on the budget. He will lose on a massive Democratic turn out and a quiet Republican one.

Ikram -

What took so long? Please. Colin Powell was in Islamabad, and came with a $544 million cheque (in debt forgiveness) and an upgrade of PK status to 'major non-NATO ally' (which makes arms purchases easier). In exchange, Musharraf launched an attack on an ALQ stronghold in South Waziristan (part of the Federally-Administerd Tribal Areas). Quid pro Quo, heavy on the Quid.

The real question -- why didn't GWB bribe PK earlier? It may have saved some Spanish lives.