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Arthur -

The fluid would also weigh 20 kilograms. John the record keeper has consumed 15,904.5 pints which equals 7525.63 litres or 265.65 cubic feet or a space 10 feet wide by 10 feet long by 2.65 feet deep.

<p>2 liters = 0.002 m<sup>3</sup>. If we assume that the density of water equals the density of beer (it isn't, standardized it's 1.008 g/m<sup>3</sup>), then we carefully may say that 2 liter of beer weighs 2 kg. But to get back to the topic:
<p>7525.63 liters equals the same amount of kilos (mind the 1.008 factor), which is the weight of four to five average cars (think Japanese, Korean cars). 7525.63 liters equals 7.525 m<sup>3</sup>, which equals a room the size of 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.2 meters. That's approx. the length/width of my kitchen and the beer would be up to my belt.

Alan -

My weight calculation was based on 3 north american standard beers equal one litre. Two litres a six pack. Eight a two-four. Eighty in ten. I made a mental error in halving a fourty rather than doubling it. My continuing failures in basic mathematics is laid bare for all.

Ale Fan -

I have this picture of some bloke standing in a small room, trouser legs rolled up, drinking from a can as the liquid level in the room slowly rises.