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Donna -

Hey, no fair! I want student interns now! What exactly do you have them doing? :)

BTW, your first "Fake" link doesn't work.

Alan -

Worked for me - try again...

<i>Later</i>: oh thaaaaaaaaaat link. Fixed

tnr -

Alan, totally unrelated to this post, but I just saw a brief snatch of BBC Sportscene featuring a live webcast from Cappielow. You may know this already, but if not I thought it might be of interest. Its via the official Morton site at...

Alan -

Ahhh, the micthy Morton. Looks like it will be a double...what's the opposite of relegation...ascension?

Alan -

I prefer ascension. I shall lobby hard for the usage. TNR, can you explain why a game is called a tie when it is in a cup championship?

tnr -

Ascension sounds far better. As to why cup-tie, I have no idea, it may have something to do with teams being drawn against each other in cup competitions.

Alan -

A tie in North American sports is only an equal score at the end of a game, a draw.