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Donna -

We've had Lawrence Martin on our show a couple of times, and he always has something interesting to say about affairs on the Hill. He was Chretien's biographer a few years back, so it's worth noting how he compares the Chretien gov't to now.

Alan -

Did he write the biography with Chretien's blessing or was it not authorized? I remember L. Martin having a bit of a shadow over something he wrote but I can't put my finger on it.

Donna -

I believe so. He wrote two: "Chretien: the will to win" (Key Porter Books) and "The Iron Man: The defiant reign of Jean Chretien" (Viking Canada).

And regarding a shadow, I vaguely recall Martin (the author, not the PM) leaving the Ottawa Citizen or one of those Black/Asper papers over something. But I could be wrong.