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Alan -

It sounds nutty but there usually is a winner who guesses the real surprise of the playoffs.

Alan -

Big news is that the server has to be rejigged but will be in time apparently. Interesting, Adam, sys admin to the pool (the guy doing all the work) was out of touch due to the server being needing rejiggery. I contacted his brother in law in Singapore, my old roomie, who gave me his sister's email in T.O. who pulled Adam's head out of the server box just long enough for an update. The funny thing is I am sure I have never met Adam. Awfully nice to lend the hand. I will have to fire up the old box and pull some pool stats off it. <p>If you look here you can see the seminal notion of the pool being raised in an email in 1997 by Colin MacLean, of Halifax whose mom went to school with Adam's (Toronto) wife's (Toronto) brother's (Singapore) wife's (Singapore) mom (Calgary). Colin's Dad (Halifax) was president to a board my Dad (PEI) sat on in the 25 year ago or so range. I think I am freakin' out just thinking of this....well...not really but isn't life just nutty?

Alan - is up again! Hoo-rah!

Here is the 2003 pool page, by the way, so you can all congratulate my brother Dave...err...Doug McLeod with his victory. Here is the 2003 results:

d_mcleod: 160
v_ivanov: 158
Marcia: 155
C_Macpherson: 144
a_mckeating: 143
a_ronthal: 142
h_lecter: 138
Wildpack: 136
j_grabell: 129
Alans_Dream_Team: 128
a_patel: 126
Jake_the_Snake: 119
j_gritsiuk: 102
M_MacIsaac: 96

Alan -

Here is the link to my own picks to give you a sense of what is involved.

Adam -

As Al mentioned, the server has been rejiggered and is almost ready.

Registration will open as soon as the final division spots are clinched...

Pool website is