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Michael Demmons -

Just a technical thing: The abbreviation for Megabyte is MB. Mb means Megabits.

(Hey. You bitch at me for seemingly meaningless things. Thought I'd return the favour!)

Alan -

Hey thanks - had no idea. You bitch away, buddy.

Alan -

Besides - I was worries I would be somehow indicating you mich see 5.1 Manitobans. Nobody wants that.

Alan -

Because I run this blog as an educational charity out of a certain Caribbean Island, here is an explanation of the difference between a bit and a byte.

chumptastic -

i may be skinny, but i wouldn't have fit into a normal seat too well either...luckily i got the aisle and was sitting in luxury while everyone else over about 5'8 suffered.

Alan -

I got an aisle and me, my good neghbour wife and the uppity lady ahead of me all suffered. Oh for the days of Sloan and my VIP pass.