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Ben -

I'm the number one return for "Sidney Crosby" with Google. At least I wrote a bit about him but you'd think maybe a real hockey site would trump me. Now I get dozens of teenage girls who post comments about how cute Sidney is.

Alan -

I used to be a contender on the Crosby stats based on a 23 September 2003 post but, sadly, could not muster the teeny bop crowd given my open old fart credentials on the front page.

Alan -

Interesting to note <a href="local/genx40/images/2004/Google Search kerry policies.htm">that I am still at #3</a>. I should have saved the image of being #1 on Google but this looks even less made up...which it isn't...really...

Alan -

Right now I am #1 for "kerry policies", #1 for "kerry's policies", #7 or so for "john kerry's policies" and #15 or so for "john kerry policies". In April so far, I have only had 30 search string hits for "kerry policies" and 13 for "kerry's policies" which may all come together to tell you how little people on the internet care about the policies of John Kerry - in addition to what a piece of work Google is.

Alan -

Top ten for all four searches now witht the johns catching up to the non-johns. Do you consider this when developing an investment stragegy?

Adam -

Oddly enought, you're number 6 for "hockey pool stats".

Alan -

Good Lord! Who needs lurid spam email "re:" lines when you can let Google do all the work.

Alan -

...and #50 for "hockey pool".

Tim Schneider -

listen guys how about we say what kerry's policies are instead of your stupid opinions on what you think is good or bad well guess what i dont care go to hell

Alan -

Think yo, Timm.

Alan your not #1 on on the list anymore -

its true your not #1 on the list anymore. Go check yourself

Alan -

It is true. I removed the links to the Kerry policy threads on the Recommended list on my front page and the rankings disappeared. So sad. Me big on Lord Goog for "good beer" now.