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blork -

Great reviews. White beers are a luxurious summer treat -- perfect for these dog days coming up.

One thing though -- I disagree with swirling the yeast and including it in the glass. Firstly, that much yeast makes most people really gassy (fart!) and secondly, it makes the flavour too yeasty. At least that's my experience and opinion. I was taught to leave the last half-ounce in the bottle.

Alan -

Thanks Blork! [I think I have always wanted to say that to a Montrealer].<p>I think it is up to the taste of the individual. Swirling yeast dregs for Belgian ales is fairly common but if you are not into it, no prob. In my brewing life, I have drained the thick end of a keg now and then with no scars. I just like the liveliness of the brewer's pal and like what it adds. Goddesgut!

alfons -

|It is mass manufactured, available everywhere but pretty loyal
|to the original revival of the style.
I like Hoegaarden actually (plus one other which name I forgot - if you've been in Holland, you'd probably have it).
Note that in Canada a beer like Grolsch is probably bottled locally: the Grolsch I bought in Canada once, didn't exactly taste like what I'm used to.

Another good brand you'd probably like is Hertog Jan - their web site is here.

alfons -

I remember it again: Wieckse Witte - their web site is here.