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Michael Demmons -

Great pictures, Alan.

Makes me long for Clarenville Stadium in Newfoundland. I used to play hockey there, while my parents and everyone else screamed their collective head off at the ref when he made a call against us.

We had a spot called "The Rowdy Section" which was, not coincidentally, the area in the bleachers just outside the bar!

Wayne -

The question begs to be asked(...)were they wearing visors? If so, were they francophone?

Mandy -

Oh that's beautiful. I love the use of wood like that.

SayNay? -

Thanks for the photos Alan. There's a nice old-time pureness about it, isn't there. Is nostalgia really a useless emotion? I can almost "smell" the arena, with that intoxicating mixture coming from coolness of the ice and the french fries. It's also gratifying to see the Canadian Flag, equal in size and along side the Stars and Stripes - where it belongs.

crisp -

I really wish ice hockey was more accessable here in Australia, the games are so far away and few in between....i gotta say i'm pretty jealous from seeing the pictures!

thanks for the link up btw :)

Alan -

Hey crisp! One of my favorite sports discussions was in Hampstead Heath, London where me and my also Canadian backpacking pal were discussing the relative virtues of hockey versus Aussie rules over a few gallons of Guinness with a bunch of your country men who had driven to the UK in a van through Asia. We were accorded victory in the debate by your countrymen due to the fact that in hockey you have a stick to hit the other guy with.<p>Right now at -15 this morning I think I have my own jealousies relative to your weather to deal with.

Mariette -

I would like to have the address of Appleton arena. because I need it to find the directions on Mapquest. Thank's

Alan -

All I know is turn at the corner at the "America" movie house in downtown Canton and drive out about half a mile. It is behind the sports field.

leif skodnick -

Appleton Arena is located at the corner of Leigh and Miner Sts., Canton, NY 13617.

Bob -

Went to Appleton a couple of times when we lived up there in '97 and '98. State-of-the-art it ain't, but not a bad seat in the house and not many better places to see the game. The place oozes history and nostalgia. Hockey the way it used to be.