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Arthur -

So if there is a delay or a chunkiness that we can fiddle with, that is usually quite pleasant.

It reminds me of the 'progress dialog' dilemma: while that technique slows an application (abstract: 1. create dialog/window 2. show dialog/window 3. synchronize progress for visual feedback 4. free and destroy dialog ), people tend to think it's still faster than showing the 'hourglass/busy' icon alone.

Andrew -

As a web developer I can tell you that speed is definately preferred over smoothness in 99% of the customers I've dealt with. They want results, and they want them NOW - a 5s delay is usually perceived as far too long, no matter how complicated the background operation they just requested was.

Alan -

Once again, I am comforted by the pre-Victorian pace of my chosen profession: "we may be able to get this resolved before 2006" is not farcical.