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mark -

Lots to be thankful for this year BOA. Fun times at the office and lots of spicy noodles. Nice to share all that there is to love about kingston with someone who appreciates walking down the side streets and alleyways. We made the rainy trip from Kingston to Ottawa this afternoon to enjoy the arrival of a new year with the brother in law and the always amazing and awe inspiriring sunrise of a new year on the ottawa river. If the temperature goes to minus something tonight we will get a chance to skate on the mighty Ottawa river in the morning. Lots of fishing huts out there and four wheel drive vehicles parked in the shadow of the Laurentians. Many thanks to you for sharing your insights in the BLOG world. Lots of good things i wish for you and your lovely family in 2005.
Peace out.

Alan -

Written like a man on his 15th day off! Remember, 2005 is the year of the pie. Only good things come with pastry.<p>Happy New Year to you all.

Jean -

Brother T. sends along Happy New Year Wishes to you and your Dad.

Alan -

Dib-dib-dib. Dob-dob-dob. The eagle has landed and he smokes a pipe. Happy New Year to you.

ALan -

PS - don't mention the goat, Brother T.