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portland -

has petey become a prima donna headcase? yup. does it matter when you pitch like petey? nope.

Alan -

It matters when you pitch like Petey started to last year? Yup. They second he goes inconsistent, all will not be excused.

portland -

he won 17 with a high three something ERA. there's nothing wrong with that. the sox endured worse from bill lee? and what about oil can boyd? pedro is no shrinking violet. look at that press conference. he went after the press who was going after him. this is a guy who called the yanks "his daddy." i wish to hell he hadn't of said that but i also wish that more guys brought it instead of just falling back to "we came to play" and "i gave 110% out there." chemistry is overrated. keep in mind that this team voted broody old nomar g. for a full share of the world series money; a full share! and, besides, when all is said and done, who in their right mind would want to throw to piazza at any rate, and do you really think that terry f was in total control of the vehicle? they had somebody who held the reigns once; his name was grady little.