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Ben -

Ha! I laugh in the face of your -32. We've got -34 in Ottawa with the low for the night to be -26 without the wind chill, -38 with. High for tomorrow, -20.

Random weather fact for the day: A Canadian developed the concept of the humidex while an American invented the concept of wind chill.

Ben -

Woohoo! Environment Canada says we'll have a -46 wind chill in the morning. Take that Kingston.

Alan -

It's all that wickedness up there you are paying for now. Odd that you are only under 100 km north as the crow flies but I imagine 100 km to the east, south of Heuvelton, it is much the same. I remember some -50 days in Ottawa. I had to buy thinsulate gloves on the way to the corner store in the Glebe. Tonight the building is making cracking sounds like the old wooden farmhouse in PEI except it is a highrise. I sure hope it isn't "settling".

Arthur -

Woohoo! Environment Canada says we'll have a <span style="text-decoration: blink; color: red;">-46 wind chill</span> in the morning. (applied graphical effects only available on CSS-compatible browsers, not in IE)

Good for you guys. Can I now have my Spring back before this stuff is heading for Nova Scotia?

Alan -

Excellent effect on Firefox.

Alan -

Or should I say <span style="text-decoration: blink; color: blue;">excellent effect</span>! Why do you think it is that Firefox brought back the blink?

Alan -

<span style="text-decoration: blink; color: green">Kind of Christmassy</span> around this thread <span style="text-decoration: blink; color: red;">all of a sudden...</span>

Stephen Taylor -

Tis a cold one in the limestone city!

portland -

when you can safely skate all the way to ottawa, call me.