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'nee -

I was SO disappointed when I discovered that I couldn't three-letter-word my gmail address. Sigh. Otherwise, I love the gmail. It's wonderful. I get the feeling that there's a whole building full of generous nerds who are working specifically to make Google services as awesome as possible.

Ben -

Gmail also does an outstanding job of filtering out spam. I've only had one unwanted spam message sneak through the filter in 4 months or so of use.

alfons -

I imported all my old email into a gmail account, and I love the searching.
Arthur and I also share photos using a gmail account (sort of our digital archive), and I wait for image searching, so I can get the "picture of me behind the tree".

Alan -

I would like to figure out how to import the old email before I shut it down.

alfons -

See this (wrote something about it myself too, here).
Before you start out, filter out the messages with attachments bigger than 2-3Mb.
And be **patient**. It's not exactly a fast process.

Alan -

As soon as I wrote it I realized I may well just forward them in batches from the old email and then create and old email archive label. Not very technical but pretty easy.