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Arthur -

You know the drill.

First, all nice and well, but where do I vote? Secondly, as a PR, am I eligable to vote for a Canadian blog? And Shirley: what's up with those Muffet boxes?

Alan -

I don't think the voting starts until January. I will alert the median. PRs vote in my Canada and Muffet box tops were what made Canada great before Tim Hortons.

Nils Ling -

And here I thought you gathered up all your Old Dutch bags and bought the nomination on Kid's Bids.

Mike -

Well, allow me to bask in partial Beer Blog glory. Just partial, mind. Still, it be nice. Congrats, Al!

Alan -

I am sure it is all being run by General Mills. Or an eastern syndicate.

Linda -

Alan, I'd crawl across the border on my hands and knees to cast a vote for your blogs, and not just because you bought my vote with Marmite by Mail.

Congrats and Good Luck!

Alan -

hmmm...that is an idea. Buying votes with Marmite. I'll be King of the World, King of the World!

portland -

did i get anything?

Alan -

You will - and sooner than you think...