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Nils Ling -

Well, somebody was sick .. all over the jerseys. Abominable.

Ben -

I've gotten used to the jerseys and would even go so far as to say I wouldn't mind one for Christmas.

while this may very well be Sidney Crosby's coming out party coach Sutter did him a huge favour by putting him on a line with Patrice Bergeron who could have won the Calder Trophy last year if his teammate Andrew Raycroft hadn't stood on his head all year in Boston's net. Bergeron is a legitimate NHL centre who could be a top line player on many NHL teams. Anyone he plays with in this tourney is going to get scoring chances.

portland -

i like them alot.

megan -

hi i am not really gothic i just couldnt think of another screen name for yahoo and way i am .......... from pennsylvania<p>[Ed.: <i>if you really are, Megan, you should not put the information I removed on sites on the Internet. Not prudent.</i>]