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Steve -

Hey Alan - Dearest and I have been doing that for the past 10 years. Every year we donate what we would've spent on cards to charity and explain to friends and acquaintances that we won't be sending cards. It makes a lot of sense - I just wish more would do it. They always say it's a great idea but are worried that people would think they were cheapskates or bone idle or worse.

Alan -

Well, I am a cheapskate [except when it comes to ribs and ale - PS do you you want to write for the beer blog?] and I am idle but I do think it is a great idea which I should have though of sooner.

James -

That there sounds like Commnunism! Why you! How will these big bad corporations like Hallmark pay their CEO's millions! ;-)

Seriously though, I wish I could pry my wife away from the cards. She never saw a christmas card sale she didn't like. At least she doesn't get them full price. That counts for something?

Nils Ling -

I've tilted at this particular windmill every year in memory. I have finally gotten her to agree to sending out our Christmas letter by e-mail to about 3/4 of our list. But her aunts and parents' friends and such will get hard copy.

Julia -

Ahh.. but my Aunt is the regional manager for a bunch of Hallmark Stores from Rochester to Niagara Falls to Buffalo all the way down to Bradford, PA. She needs her job, so I still buy xmas cards but usually after the holidays have ended.