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Kim -

Wow, absolutely gorgeous! I love looking at photos like these, it reminds me how much I love our country.

Alan -

While heading south I caught this view from the ferry wharf on the Wolfe Island side on the southern passage of the St. Lawrence. I think this is a view of the East Charity Light from the due east:<p><img src="images/2004b/binoc11.JPG" hspace="20" vspace="20">

Peter Susin -

Hi! there, I was wondering if anyone knows when the simcoe island lighthouse becon is turned off and back on
in the spring, thank you, Peter.

Greg -

very cool alan.

if in that one pic, it is Main Duck, then I think the larger island to the left would be Galoo Island. you gotta love the "compression" of how far things look apart from each other at these distances through zooming lenses.

Alan -

There is also an excellent mirage effect that can happen looking south-west over the lake. I have seen the tree-line of the ducks standing out quite clearly.