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Mike -

There needs to be an for microbrews. Man, I'd be clickin'...

Alan -

You know it. Good to know there is another someone out there who can think that at 8:15 am.

Alan -

Hey - let's make that a challenge to ourselves. All we need to know are all the local distribution rules state to state, province to province, intre-state, intra-province, sign up every micro-brewer of worth and turn on the site. It could happen. I challenge the world to make it so.

Alan -

Ithaca and Brooklyn reviews added.

Alan -

A couple of Brooklyn Browns after tonight's game and I am convinced. This is a brilliant beer. A little less than utterly rich yet way more than brown crayon melted into a pale ale. I will make a border crossing just for this beer.

Alan -

<a href="images/2004c/olddog2.JPG"><img src="images/2004c/olddog.JPG" hspace="20" vspace="20" align="left"></a><p>I have to add a fourth and may add more, given the brews I am looking at down in the cellar. New Hampshire's Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale. The hoppiness is there but it is under the crystal malt and then overwhelmed by a generous chocolate malt wall. The achievement of the goal of bittersweet chocolate is complete. It is also full in the nut department. Nut-full, it is. A beer without "nut brown ale" on the label that could actually have nut brown ale on its label. Hazelnut with a little walnut. No friggin' brazil nuts, though. Who the hell likes Brazil nuts? Some reviews.<p>Click on the picture for a big picture of the dog, Craig. You know you want to.<br clear="left">

Steve -

I was recently introduced to Brooklyn Brown Ale at Ipanema in Richmond, Virginia (on Grace St. downtown). They have it on tap and I couldn't believe how completely flavorful this beer is. I routinely avoid most American brews for lack of taste. I am undereducated in this area, obviously. BB has certainly opened my eyes.

Alan -

Read the beer blog, Steve. Lots of education happening there.