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Wayne -

I remember it was a beautiful day, like today. I was thinking of the back nine and how bad I had played the day before...I had the TV on in the backround, and was zipping thru the living room in Moncton enroute to my chores on

...when I stopped, backed up, and ended up spellbound in front of the screen while commentators were speculating about what had just happened. I was on the phone to her, describing what I was witnessing, when I watched the second plane hit. She put me on the speaker phone, and I spoke to several dozen people at the University about what I was seeing, all which helped me to realize I was not dreaming.

Kennedy's death, Lennon's death, Elvis's death, moonwalk, first time I saw "Hotpants" (in grade nine)...these are all things I remember where I was when something happened.

humblebub -

Kennedy's death, (sneaking a smoke in the boys room of junior high) Lennin's death, (drinking a draft in local tavern) Elvis's death, (damned if I can remember - was of little interest to me) moonwalk, (drinking draft in the 4 quarters tavern) first time I saw "Hotpants" (I still have not figured out what hotpants are)

Wayne -

Trust me, Craig. The first time a 14-year old sees Hotpants, it IS an unforgettable experience.

Alan -

Ron in Newfoundland writes well on a number of aspects of today and two years ago today.

Alan -

Ian has posted an extraordinary string of emails he just came across four and a half years later.

David Janes -

I still have all my September 12, 2001 newspapers in the closet, unread. Maybe I'll pull them out this year.