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Steven Garrity -

Lame, lame, lame - the press is jumping all over this like it's a huge embarassment. It looks like it's a single specific engineering issue, ont a flaw in the entire form factor.

The same press and people that blew the original out of proportion are jumping all over the opportunity to tear it down.

Alan -

The most telling thing in the scale of the recall - 6,000 units. I'll be on Moon Base Alpha with Commander Konig before I need a Segway.

Wayne -

Remember Alan, it's all downhill after might appreciate a ride to the apothacary to fetch a bit of geritol chaser for your siingle malt Scotch someday soon.

Alan -

Then I just hope it isn't raining when I need the geritol...

Alan -

Interesting observations in the comments here at Ben's.

Kevin -

I want a Segway. I may even need a Segway.

Nothing makes a person look or feel old more than a limp. I've an arthritic left ankle that's been causing me bouts of severe pain ever since I fell in a hole in my back yard five years ago.

It's embarassing to have to hobble along on crutches one day, not the next, and then the one after that -- those who see this regularly are certain there's a mental problem responsible.

Then there's the option of a "blue-spot" parking tag. Well, when my friends see my car parked in a wheelchair spot one day, and see me pressing 1200 pounds at the AFC on their leg machine the next then they are sure the problem has moved from my psyche to my ethics.

Ah but, there are conditions, such as Psoriatic Arthritis (my flavour du jour), that can come and go in an hour and when it's "here" it can completely remove one's mobility.

Segway? Where are they sold? How much do they cost? Will they keep support the software? Those are all the Qs I have about it.

David Janes -

The Register was over accidents and the Segaway years ago:

I saw my first real Segway last week!

Alan -

First noted use of phrase "gone the way of the Segway" here.

Alan -

Its like a disease that keeps popping up here and there. I know this person. He is sensible. Yet he is on a segway.<p><img src="images/2004b/segwaydave.jpg" hspace=20" vspace="20">

Alan -

Mike at the Campblog has an update on the miracle of the new millenium: three Segways exist in Nova Scotia. <p>Clearly we are not <i>getting</i> it.