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Alan -

Ordered last Sunday arrived today Sunday. Three working days between. Beats the hell out of the cheque I sent to Sloan's records which was not ever even cashed by their manager let alone the CDs sent; the $450.00 cheque I've waited for two months for conference expenses; the $261.00 cheque I have waited for five and a half months for which is now reliably promised by next week; the Happy Day CD; the They Might Be Giants CDs; and, most tragically, the Tijuana Bibles CD.<p>The music is happy, simple electronic stuff - Kraftwerk on an up day. Only 311 copies were printed. Thank you CBC3 for being so useful.

Alan -

Mor egood news on deliveries. The Tijuana Bibles got in the mail today, the two They Might Be Giants showed last Friday (amazon delivery within the week has won my loyalty) and the $265.00 check I have been waiting for since 18 July showed today. All good.