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Alan -

I am not alone in the comparison of blog and CB radio. Nothing turns on this, of course. I am still thick for the most part.

Kirk Bailey -

CB was a 'dead end' because the law and the purpose of the service did not lend itself to a continuing bill for said service.

Cellphones are a continuing expense.

Now riddle me this: when the lines to the towers are morstly down, and service is being restricted to the personell in the local emergency services community, what the heck good will a cellphone do for you? BUT, a CB in your car or home will still work- assuming your home included an emergency 12V battery backup for it. And if money is tight, the cell is going to be low on the priorities- but the CB is bought and paid for, and works just fine- for free. And no license, no technical test, it is the people's radio.