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Steven Garrity -

The Guardian (the big one) has a good article on this: The Blog Clog Myth. Google is not an encylopeadia (sp?) or an answering service (though they have tried that). Rather, it is a search tool for what's out there. Weblogs are out there. The New York Times are not, as Dave Winer points out in If you want to be in Google, you gotta be on the Web. Google is not God (he blasphemes!) - it is a very good search tool.

Alan -

Hi Steve! Are you new to the information superhighway and HTML linking? Was my "Googlewashing" link too subtle? h.e.h.e.

You are right. Google has going too far in going beyond its core over the last year. [It's just like that cheesy Sean Connery movie from the 70's "The Man Who Would Be King". He dies at the end. Sorry to ruin it for the 3 billion of you that haven't seen it.]