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Rob -

I haven't visited your site in a while (ever since you started putting family photos on -- memories of being stuck at a neighbor's gathering with a slide show that wouldn't end). I too am a Bowie fan. I find it interesting though that the two times you've mentioned your love of Brent Bambury, you've cited musical selections... one from Springsteen, the others Bowie covers. Does the CBC play Canadian music anymore? I guess that's the boring stuff you wait for until a good 70s American or British tune comes on. Way to go CBC!

Alan -

I think one of the interesting things to me about the music selections on <i>All in a Day</i> is that they are that they are just music selections, not the usual evidences of public policy. They are also the surprising musical selections of a particular someone with an extensive and tasteful knowledge in an era honed from past work with <i>Brave New Waves</i>. Much of it is, in fact, Canadian but it is played because it is actually good or locally relevant, like Lynn Miles or Sarah Harmer here in Eastern Ontario, not because it fulfills the criteria of "CBC authorized Canadian art" in the easy banal Atwood / Rankins / Barenaked Ladies way. Good art is only ever good in that it is good, not that it is Canadian.<p>The CBC has been used too often to express a particular view of Canada - focused on Toronto recognized art, Ottawa gossip and fear of Quebec - which excludes or trivializes other experiences in Canada. It has also for too long has been effectively a boring boomer station, in large part due to the long dominance of, say, Peter Gzowski and <i>As it Happens</i> and, more importantly, the now dying or pensioned off staff that ran these and other shows which originated in the 70's, the controlling influence of whom is just now being shrugged off. What has been put in place has been disjointed and by times just plain ugly - <i>Sounds like Canada</i> and the Saturday morning line up last fall, for example. By contrast, the particular show discussed is one of a better sort of surprise.<p>As for the pictures of me, one of the most interesting things to each of us ought to be the experience of themselves. Under either the traditional index of links or later diary understanding of weblog, the subjective experience of the editorial staff is the critical factor. To expect to find "knowledge" or "understanding" in a more direct and general sense is a little naive. The offerings of any given blog - crafted opinion or interesting comment on an observation at best - may well be boring to some but it is each reader's choice whether to experience it or not.