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Dan James -

Isn't it a bit like hockey card buying/selling/trading?

Alan -

Having financed in 1992 the courting of my wife through the sale of my 1970 to 1973 hockey card

Stephen DesRoches -

I signed up this weekend to see what this was all about and started buying blog stocks. The $500 I started off with is now $3,762.71 thanks to shares I bought in Weblogz worth $3.75 each with a sell price today of $285.95.

Alan -

See...I have not signed up yet because I don't understand what I am getting out of it. Is it something more like a game or is it a promotional exercise or a odd way of cross referencing blogs?

Stephen DesRoches -

As far as I know it's only a game but can be used to see what's most popular.

I do however know that currently I have 652.54% growth in net worth this month

Alan -

A statement of BlogShares Goals From the site:

<ul>"The overall objective of BlogShares is to explore the emerging social network, to provide a fun environment for bloggers and to add value to the network. It is constantly evolving to accommodate the needs of players and non-players alike. We plan to offer new perspectives to bring attention to the far corners of the network, to offer the most playable simulation possible and to build a dynamic, intelligent community around the site.

BlogShares is the starting point and the economic centre of a planned virtual environment. We believe the opportunities to combine entertainment and useful tools around blogs are only just beginning to be explored."</ul>

I am planning a post about the emerging bubble economy around blogs, the false belief that education, buiness and other activities can benefit from blogs or, has even been noted, that they themselves could or should be subject to subscribed access. What I like about the statement of the exploring the emerging network. I worry about <i>adding value</i> in its implication of <i>financial value.</i> Play value and disutility are, however, to be embraced.

Alan -

Interesting to note that a lack of income from the activity is what killed it - a true bubble after all.