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Alan -

Looking again at the statement I linked above, there is another thing that bugs me. What is it with the internal text in bold on pages? It is something I see poor legal writers do and seems to mean "I really, really...really mean this." I always recommend their removal as they disfigure the page and distract the reader (who would be that robed person up there with all the power in the room) from the flow of what is hopefully a clear and logical argument.

Well, then I thought - perhaps these are stand-alone principles. A summary within the whole. Nope. The words "architects" and "writers" are in bold which in themselves do not convey a summary of the argument. Likewise "cheap" and "double a website's effectiveness". Starting to look like a second hand car salesman.

Like capitalization of text, I take this as shouting. Am I wrong? Is there another early digital text implication to bold I am missing that I missed while playing Missle Command while others worked more meaningfully on their Commodore 64's?