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Martyn Cornell -

I had better declare a massive interest before I begin, since I'm the author of Beer: The Story of the Pint, which came out two months after Pete Brown's book. I've met Pete, he's a nice guy, and his book contains, in its second half, an excellent analysis of where the brewing industry in Britain is today. It's a pity the first half does not seem to have had as much research put into it, as it repeats all the old myths about the history of beer my own book attempts to correct – myths which add up to rather more than "a few" factual errors. I wouldn't ask you to take my word for it - read both books, and let me know what you think.

Alan -

Well, there you go - a direct request from an author for a reader. I will hunt out that book to add to the collection. Thanks very much, Martyn. While I may have you, any other favorite reads? Ales? Tales?

Alan -

...and, good as my word, the book <i>Beer: The Story of the Pint</i> arrived today care of Review and comment on charges to follow.