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David Janes -

How 'bout a quick ska-listening guide? It's time for me to go out and buy some CDs.

Alan -

<p>For First Wave, Trojan Records is a good place to start - lots of other Jamaican there but good early ska compilations. For Second Wave, go to 2 Tone Records.<p>I agree on the need for a ska guide or discography but I am not the man for the job...yet. I am looking for a book. I emailed Mike Campbell about the need also for a Halifax scene discography as well. New Sloan album next week - they have a great new site which bears some resemblence to this site...I wonder why???

Mike -

Thanks Alan - great idea. My email's been down all day; you can try for now.

I like Dave's idea too about setting up a Cdn-focused music blog.