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Humblebub -

WOW, the Syracuse State Fair. Now there is a stirred brain cell. Great memories as a kid. Something Mom and Dad always took me to. A great example of the US rural fizz. Enjoy. Wish I could be there.

Hans -

Hey Alan:

My Dad is from Ogdensburg, NY, right across the river from Prescott, Ontario. Ogdensburg itself suffers from some of the problems of smalltown USA such as a deterioriating downtown and a homogenizing strip mall topography, but, as you say, the people are very welcoming. The Americans that I have encountered in this area have none of that Canadian-patented reserve nor do they have that ignorance about anything that is not American that can be found further South. The area along the river is really nice right from Ogdensburg through Morristown, a couple of state parks, to the resort town of Alex Bay and then the 1000 Islands. Finally, I should note, however, that my relatives preferred to boat across the river to get their beer in Canada (Labatt's of any kind was always preferred) rather than suffer through "bud" or "genny". Of course, coming from PEI, I was happy to drink anything in a can.

Alan -

I wonder how many of the Islanders I know are secret Americans. You can add Nate and Garrity into the fold. You are right about the tough times alot of the US Thousand Islands towns are facing. Watertown is no resort but they do look like they live on what they earn. My buddy Ross now makes fun of micro-brews by drinking Milronas - a Miller with a slice of lime.