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Brad Pineau -

If everyone has free access to starting their own supply, there is no market, price crashes, criminal involvement ceases.

Very interesting idea. This would be the only real way to stop drug dealers. Although, I hear it's quite difficult to grow "the good stuff" so it may not stop the people who can't grow it themselves... or the lazy ones...

Alan -

It's amazing market-force-loving libertarians aren't screaming it from the roof tops.


its 'cause the cops are watching the roof-tops, man.

Alan -

Now the Chiefs don't like the new possession laws. I suppose their problem is that if these easy charges are removed from the books, stats go down and funding dries up. Sad to see the "gateway" argument again standing alone as the sad reason. Human sexuality is a gateway to many crimes. Beer is a gateway to drunk driving. Let's get out the grey jumpsuits and live like the top cops want us to live.