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Humblebub -

We in parasise feel for you.

Wayne -

Suggest you do the only sensable thing...walk across the street w/clubs. Tip...leave the 2-iron home.

Alan -

How are the mosquitos, Craig? Heard from a visitor to Mount Stewart this week that that paradise has to be viewed through glass.

Matthew -

Was wondering where they were keeping Lastman locked up. I expected to see his mug all over CBC, but I got to watch monkey-man Ernie Eves instead. How long until he gets voted out?

Humblebub -

Hard to tell Al, the only ones I am seeing are splattered against the windscreen of the old BMW. They can't do much. :-)

Actually, they are not bad. Very ugly in June, but since then they have all headed for Crowbush to feed of the tourists and well-heeled golfers. Looks good on 'em.

Alan -

I think this situation is the nail in the coffin of the Tories. They do not understand how to run utilities. Walkerton showed they are incompetent in relation to inspection and this in terms of infrastructure renewal. Classic Tories. Maggie Thatcher almost got me in the Kings Cross fire - I was up the exploding stairwell 15 minutes before it went. She had cut back the cleaners and it was garbage underneath that started the fire. If they can't keep up with these things <i>and</i> are deficit spenders (other than the well oiled Klein) why do they get votes?