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Humblebub -

A good research item. How many of 'our school bullies' are dead - while we are still living.

Alan -

He died very young, I understand. I was told in undergrad that he had, in his teens, been in a bar out of control and police had to intervene. He ran out a side door into the street and was hit by a car. Because I was very big as a young kid, I was both a target and somewhat respected. Peter and I played golf together, I remember. But he would also show up to elementary school drunk and I think he robbed a store with a knife in grade six. <p>Interestingly, I do not recall him as being disruptive in class but we had guy teachers like a Mr. Hughes in grade six, another guy in grade five who raised Nova Scotia Duck trolling retrievers (and was on As It Happens during the year we were in his class) and particularly grade four's Mr. MacPherson, a former Sydney Steel worker, who sent!? (an angel I assure you) for my only strap administered by the principal Mr. Archibald. Tough crowd.