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Brad Pineau - and your crazy conspiracy theories...

Alan -

Hey, who else is going to take the time on the web to kick the Eisenhower administration? Only bleeding edge thought here.

Alan -

I caught this in today's <i>Toronto Star</i> on the arrest of the Canadian in relation to the UK bomb plot:<blockquote class="smalltext">Last month's raids, involving 700 police officers, were one of the largest anti-terrorist operations in Britain in years. The arrests spurred intense media speculation about a plan by Islamic militants to bomb civilian targets in Britain, but police have released no details of the alleged plot. The recovery of the ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer frequently used in bombs, was the biggest seizure of potential bomb-making material in England since the Irish Republican Army called a 1997 ceasefire. </blockquote>I think that really should read "a bomb-making material then used as fertilizer now frequently used in bombs."

SayNay? -

I hope you realize, Al, that by merely discussing "ammonium nitrate" in your postings, you have unwittingly invited further scrutiny of your activities and blog site, by the "appropriate government authorties" charged with "homeland" security. You should expect a dead-of-night visit by the "boys" with Fedoras and the black late model Ford, who, you know, will just want to "talk" to you in some "safe" location about "all this fertilizer stuff". You might be seen again, but you won't, believe me, be the same.

Alan -

I am willing to share my cheese sandwich lunch with super secret spies at anytime. I had an RCMP file on me in my teens for my Radio Moscow correspondence (confirmed to my Dad by a nice RCMP office in our congregation) and I expect it is still getting little notes added from time to time.

Isn't the history of the stuff amazing, though? I was very tempted to buy the book when I heard the interview. It would be interesting to know how many factories there are that make the stuff and whether there is any need for them to operate now given modern fertilizer science.

Alan -

Another reference to the stuff from the North Korean train explosion:<blockquote class="smalltext">North Korean officials had invited foreign counterparts to visit the disaster site tomorrow, she claimed. Speaking about the cause of the blast, she said: "What they've said is that two carriages of a train carrying dynamite ... they were trying to disconnect the carriages and link them up to another train. They got caught in the overhead electric wiring ... [then] the dynamite exploded." In Beijing, Red Cross spokesman John Sparrow said that the trains had been carrying explosives similar to those used for mining. China's Xinhua news agency reported that the blast had been blamed on ammonium nitrate - a chemical used in explosives, rocket fuel and fertiliser - leaking from a train. South Korea's unification minister said that the trains had been carrying fuel.</blockquote>From The Guardian.<p>[<i>Later</i>: The Aussies are on top of this issue.]

Alan -

Interesting information about use of A.N. coming out of the Old Bailey today.