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Stephen DesRoches -

Well it's nice to know you have a few things right when it comes to hockey. Roy will forever be known as an idol and viewed as one of the greatest of all times and even though he left the Canadiens, he remains a favorite of mine. It's almost impossible to explain how much I followed this one goaltender growing up.

Any reports on what his house is worth? I think I remember his home in Montreal being worth well over a million.

btw: I think "screamed at Tremblay" is exaggerated :)

Alan -

I saw the game live and he was pretty freaking mad. He fumed, got up during play, walked to Tremblay, "screamed", sat down, got up again and "screamed" at Ron Cory, leaning over the Molson clan to do so. He was spitting or at least dripping across the Senator himself as I recall.

His house contains the greatest hockey card collection in the world which is itself worth millions. That alone is enough to love the guy despite his bad choice in contract partners.

Stephen DesRoches -

Frustrated yes, being coached by a former teammate but I only got to see what was shown in the Media (which I still have). I tend to feel that it was a more personal conflict between Roy and the newly hired coach Tremblay.

His card collection may have been worth millions but that wouldn't have been included with the house. I have and seen pictures of it and it looked incredible. Every home needs a floor hockey rink in the basement.

Alan -

I think the conflict was between Cory and good hockey management practices. The Rejean Houle / Tremblay hirings were his. His era as well as the Molson era are well in the past. Having a health sportsfan hate on for the Habs, it was no use when they were utterly pathetic. Now they just suck in a good health sucking kind of way.